Are People Venturing Out? Omicron Impact Analysis

  • Emily Owayni
  • January 27, 2022

How has the recent rise of Omicron impacted consumers’ real-world behavior? Have Americans been venturing ‘out & about’ more or less in recent months compared to 2020?

Ryoji Iwata

In this report, we take a closer look at foot traffic patterns and visit frequency amongst people visiting various places in recent months (compared to the same months in 2020) to help brands & marketers compare year-over-year trends and assess Omicron’s impact on real-world behavior.

Foursquare analyzes consumer behavior based on foot traffic data from the 13M+ Americans that make up our always-on panel. All data is anonymized, aggregated and normalized against U.S. Census data to remove any age, gender or geographical bias.

For this analysis, Foursquare looked at foot traffic data by month between August – December (2020 & 2021) to reveal year-over-year differences.

Download the report.