2022 Holiday Shopping Predictions

  • November 21, 2022

Location signals can serve as unique predictors of real world behaviors this holiday shopping season. We’ve created a report providing businesses with information about consumer behavior using foot traffic patterns to retail stores. Download the report to learn what consumers will do this holiday shopping season.

What do we want people to know?

  • Holiday bargain hunting has shoppers spending more time in-store
    • Inflation is driving shoppers in-stores for longer than usual in search of the best prices and discounts on holiday gifts
  • Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier this year
  • Discounted retailers will win this year’s cost-conscious holiday shoppers
    • Rising prices are a threat to brand loyalty. Shoppers are increasingly ditching brand names for more affordable alternatives.
  • Over ½ of surveyed consumers plan to shop online or pick up their purchases in-store this holiday season