The diversity of moms

  • March 3, 2018
Thiago Cerqueira Unsplash

In our personalization-first world, generalized media targeting and standard demographic descriptors simply work anymore. Blanket terms are missing the behavioral insights which ideally should be constructing them—smart targeting is about viewing commonalities, like motherhood, as a modifier.

Location technology can be used as a proxy for unpacking other factors, like consumer life stages and lifestyles, to help marketers better reach as well as engage audiences. Our latest insights report takes a deep dive into the true versatility of motherhood, recognizing that moms have active, rich lives and interests in addition to raising children.


  • How consumers celebrate all moms and purchase gifts for Mother’s Day
  • Location insights about moms by life stage, from first-time moms through empty-nesters
  • How factors like spending habits or location proximity segment moms, and where those groups collide