Foursquare Insights: Nightlife Trends

  • Foursquare
  • December 20, 2021

Are people returning to bars, casinos, and nightclubs?

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The pandemic has undoubtedly altered nightlife around the world. In the early days of COVID-19, we saw consumers flock to liquor stores, as bars and clubs faced occupancy restrictions, implemented mask mandates, or closed entirely. However, as more and more people have gotten vaccinated in 2021, people started returning to nightlife spots, eager to socialize in person once again.

Check out our latest report to better understand the behaviors of consumers re-entering the nightlife scene in 2021, and what these trends may indicate for the nightlife industry moving forward.

In this report you will learn about…

  • Variation in nightlife behavior by city. Foursquare data shows that foot traffic to bars in Los Angeles remains consistently high compared to other major cities. But which cities are seeing a decline in bar traffic?
  • Audiences driving the highest share of nightlife foot traffic. Location data reveals that roughly ¼ of total nightlife visits are coming from men ages 35-54. But how have women’s nightlife patterns and preferences changed over the last year?
  • Nightlife habits by time of day. Our data indicates that roughly ⅓ of total nightlife traffic this year fell between 7-11pm, up +3% pts from 2020. Has visitation during the afternoon followed a similar trajectory?
  • And much more!