Rethinking the path to purchase

  • May 21, 2019
Anna Unsplash

Six ways to influence the entire consumer journey using location data

Foursquare analyzes location data from millions of Americans that make up our growing, first party foot traffic panel. Always-on location and proprietary true stop detection allows Foursquare to measure not only store visits, but also all of the places your customers go before and after the store, offering unique visibility into behaviors outside of your four walls.

With access to this technology, leading brands uncover not only where consumers go before and after the store, but also why consumers make the decisions they do, uncovering who are the right audiences to target, when are the right moments to reach them, and how to captivate customers with the right messaging.


  • Segment Audiences Based On Real World Behaviors
  • Tap Into Your Customers’ Moments of Receptivity And Align With Their Lifestyle
  • Win Share Of Wallet From Your Customers’ Subsequent Stops