On Demand Foursquare Webinar
February 1, 2023 1:00 pm EST

Why Location Intelligence Will Be More Critical Than Ever In 2023 & Beyond

Why high-quality geospatial data will be more critical than ever in 2023

After another turbulent year, how will your business better map the coming months—and years? As pioneers of the geolocation space, our innovative data insights will help keep you ahead of the curve.

Join us for a panel discussion with thought leaders from Amazon along with Foursquare’s VP of Engineering Vin Sharma, moderated by Chief of Staff Pam Thomas. They’ll share their top predictions for 2023 as the world’s post-pandemic “normal” materializes. 

You’ll hear:

  • Why advancements in data visualization and clean room technology are disrupting how companies approach decision-making 
  • Why companies will be leaning more towards low-code/no-code platforms and tools that can be easily understood by their entire enterprise
  • How incorporating high quality location data into existing graph databases will bolster strategic planning across industries

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Pamela Thomas (Moderator)

Chief of Staff


Vin Sharma

VP, Engineering


Kumar Chellapilla

GM, ML/AI Service