On Demand Foursquare Webinar
May 11, 2023

Extracting Value From Location Intelligence: A Transformed Business Outlook

Geospatial datasets have long been difficult to join and make available in a single place. Businesses needed specialized resources, skill sets and tools in order to prepare, clean, and transform the data before extracting value. Perhaps for this reason, only 26% of data strategy leaders today report that their organization is utilizing location intelligence to its full potential, according to Forrester. So, how can businesses go from resource-intensive geospatial data processes to fast and easy data unification, pattern detection and operationalized AI/ML ?

In this session, Foursquare’s SVP of Engineering Ankit Patel will unveil a new geospatial technology that will transform how businesses extract value from location intelligence. You’ll learn:

  • Key insights that can be unlocked faster than ever before using new geospatial technology
  • How technological innovation will drive improvements in location data quality
  • Best practices to address vital business questions while also protecting consumer privacy

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Ankit Patel

SVP Engineering, Foursquare