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April 28, 2022

Webinar: Discussing The Power Of Hexagons At The Open Data Science Conference East

Preparing data of different shapes, forms and sizes to process large and complex datasets at scale is difficult and time consuming. These are the one of the many challenges data scientists face when dealing with geospatial analytics. But Foursquare has the solution that simplifies this process with our latest update in our Unfolder platform!

At the Open Data Science Conference East, expert technologists, data scientists and AI business professionals convened to showcase their AI solutions worldwide. Spreading over 8 focus areas such as Machine Learning and Responsible AI, leading industry professionals from Oracle, Google and SafeGraph, discussed the latest languages, tools and frameworks in immersive sessions and hands-on workshops and training to accelerate data scientists’ machine learning knowledge. Foursquare’s Senior Staff Engineer Nick Rabinowitz contributed to the Big Data Analytics track, discussing how Foursquare’s Unfolded platform is transforming geospatial analysis with H3 and Hex Tiles, a new tiling system built on H3 for fast visualization and analysis of massive spatial datasets.

Highlights include:

– How H3, a hexagon-based grid system which simplifies data unification and processing, opens your data to new kinds of geospatial analysis

– The design of the Hex Tiles system that easily ingests and enriches spatial datasets of all types and sizes – from data unification to visualization in minutes

– Hex Tiles’ ability to transfer spatial data over the web in a tiled, grid-based format, making it easy to visualize and explore large spatial datasets and conduct analytics on the fly

Watch the video to learn more about how Foursquare’s Unfolded platform is transforming the geospatial analytics with H3, supporting parallel processing for datasets with millions of rows.

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