How To: Measure the power of social advertising using location technology

Location data and tech can help you optimize your social advertising strategy.

Afif Kusuma

Did that Twitter ad actually drive people into your store?

Getting the most out of your social advertising efforts requires a strategy that is constantly evolving to ensure that your ad is reaching the right person, at the right time, and with the right message. To do this, you need to be able to measure what once seemed impossible to measure: How many people who saw your social ad actually visited a store because they saw that ad? And, what is the right media mix to get people into your location because of your advertising?

Understanding the real-world impact of your advertising allows you to better plan and optimize across the evolving social landscape. Nowadays, the ability to know who saw your content, match ad exposures to store visits, and easily measure data is an essential component to the most effective marketing strategies, allowing marketers to (among other things) make in-flight (and future campaign) optimizations based on real-world metrics.

Location technology – such as Foursquare’s Attribution – makes it easier for marketers to not only determine how social campaigns impact store visitation, not just overall but broken down by geography, demographic, and even by individual influencer.

Here are four benefits of using Foursquare Attribution:

1. Gain transparent insights
Impartial reporting and transparent methodology are crucial components to truly understanding campaign performance, yet measuring social spending is hard. To solve this challenge, Foursquare specializes in unbiased measurement across all social platforms (even walled gardens!), partners, and platforms.

2. Measure the top social platforms—including emerging players
The social landscape is constantly changing, with new platforms emerging seemingly overnight—from legacy brands like Twitter to new powerhouses like TikTok. Foursquare measures the top social platforms to help you understand their effectiveness at driving in-store visits.

3. Leverage actionable insights
Seeing the impact of your social advertising on customers who would not have visited your store otherwise surfaces an incremental lift. Foursquare’s proprietary map of the world, accurate visit data, and unique methodology give you access and understanding of the big picture. Attribution can also look further than the performance by platform—the way insights are surfaced enables a granular understanding of performance to make smart, and timely optimization decisions.

4. Create an omnichannel approach
For a clear understanding of your campaign performance, it’s essential to measure your entire media plan using the same methodology—you can do so using the Attribution dashboard. In addition to performance by platform, view performance aggregated by channel to understand the inventory types that are most effective at driving in-store foot traffic to your locations.

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