How to: Boost campaigns using historical behavior data + real-time movements

Foursquare runs an experiment to test the efficiency of a combined approach.


Location technology and data can help marketers in every vertical to reach their consumers in highly-customizable and effective ways across every channel of their marketing programs. While different location technologies serve different purposes within a campaign, the best results are often obtained when a number of strategies are deployed to reach consumers. Specifically, reaching consumers based on their historical behavior (Foursquare Audience) – including prior visitation to chains or place categories, online behavior, and demographic attributes – in combination with their real-time movements (Foursquare Proximity) can help boost overall campaign performance.

But why are Audience and Proximity strategies so influential to boosting performance when used in combination? Is the impact of the combined approach substantial enough to warrant the adoption of both solutions, or can significant results be achieved with a single product?

The experts of the Foursquare Data Science team performed an experiment to better understand the efficiency of each approach and whether they’re best used together.

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