Welcome to the new Foursquare Brand

The new Foursquare brand identity is designed to be credible, to instill trust with both businesses and consumers, and to embody a company that is both independent and empathetic.

Welcome to the new Foursquare Brand

Our purpose is to create meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places, our brand is a simple, credible system for humanity and movement.

Kendra Kamp

Foursquare’s story is simple: we enable people to move through and better understand the world around them.

Busy Crosswalk

We’ve created a simple, scalable system that allows us to say anything, while organizing the chaos around it.


More than ever before our user and clients need to know they can trust us, while simultaneously being culturally contemporary and interesting.


With a fluid system built to be scaled, our brand invokes a timeless, yet contemporary aesthetic that stands out from the crowd with authority and swagger.

Foursquare will never stop exploring, developing technology that shapes the way people move through the world. Products will continually be developed and introduced, while we continue to shape and define the industry and market. The brand is designed to scale as the company grows, and not boxed in with the shell of a tech-world app.

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Human movement
made visible

Everywhere and everything for everyone

If you have any question or need assistance, please reach out to the Brand Design team at: brand@foursquare.com

Everywhere and everything for everyone