Standard Feed Schema


maidstringMobile ad-id. Available if approved to receive. Only one of maid or hashed_maid is available if approved.9745fc4b-13f4-477b-9dcc-47728a74f974
hashed_maidstringSHA-256 hashed MAID. Available if approved to receive. Only one of maid or hashed_maid is available if approved.c8aae5aa27ad2baeaa700bc7bb19c13c486471c6370f98f90e80f9fdfead443a
persistent_idstringA unique identifier for a user across all of a user's visitsb953fd9304c947431b8ec183bbe3d26a485a073aa684dc5a89d74db8ca79b845
venue_idstringFSQ unique identifier of venues (individual store). Available if approved to receive store-level data4ba12857f964a520469d37e3
chain_idstringFSQ unique identifier for a chain4b6f6361f964a52067ee2ce3
chain_namestringName of chainThe Home Depot
dma (US only)stringDesignated market area of the venueLos Angeles, CA
zipstringPostcode of the chain of the venue90210
protected_timestampstringDate and timestamp when user visited, +/- 2 hours; ISO 86012019-07-24 9:15:03
dwellnumberNumber of minutes a user is in a venue (difference between start and end time)7
source_indicatorstringIndicates whether the visit is from a 1P (O&O, SDK) or 3P source1P or 3P
home_zip (US only)numberHome zip code of user, for zips with >1k in population. This data point can be optional10016
confidence_scorestringFilter visits based on high/medium/low confidence score depending on your use case. Identify high confidence visits for modeling, or include medium and low confidence visits to increase scale for audience activationMedium
confidence_score_decilestringFilter visits based on a decile from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest confidence and 10 being the highest. Visits assigned a confidence score of "1" fall into the first decile (or bottom 10% of ranked confidence scores), while visits assigned a score of "10" are considered our highest confidence visits and fall in the top 10% of ranked scores.10
home_cbg (US only)stringIndicates the census block group in which the visitor lives if the cbg is >600 in population482012231001
work_cbg (US only)stringIndicates the census block group in which the visitor works if the cbg is >600 in population482012231001

Places Mapping File

venue_idstringFoursquare’s unique identifier for a particular venue/location; displayed as a 24-character string5c6b234e037be1002ce54dda
venue_namestringName of the venueOld Navy
addressnumberAddress of the venue1217 Rockville Pike
citystringCity the venue is located inRockville
dma (US only)numberDMA the venue is located inWashington, DC
zipstringPostcode the venue is located in20852
statestringState the venue is located inMD
countrystringThe ISO 3166 2 letter country codeUS
geo_latnumberLatitude coordinates of the venue39.054581
geo_longnumberLongitude coordinates of the venue-77.11638
category_name_level1stringPrimary category of the venueShops & services
category_name_level2stringSecondary category of the venueClothing stores
category_name_level3stringTertiary category of the venueWomen’s stores
chain_idstringFoursquare’s unique identifier for a particular chain; displayed as a 24-character string556d1d36aceaff43eb0a9e60
chain_namestringName of the chainOld Navy
parent_venue_idstringThe ID of the parent venue if this venue is located in an airport, shopping centre, etc.4eb0307f6c250ddebea09895

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