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Unlock real-time location insights with the Foursquare Studio data visualization platform.

Foursquare’s advanced geospatial visualization and analytics platform allows you to effortlessly visualize, unify, enrich, and analyze spatial data on a planetary scale–all in one easy-to-use platform.

With Foursquare Studio, you can:

  • Solve some of the toughest challenges in geospatial data science and analytics
  • Bring together large-scale datasets of diverse formats
  • Complete complex spatio-temporal analysis and make stunning visualizations 
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Foursquare Studio allows you to:

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    Create geospatial visualizations

    Enrich your analysis by adding pre-prepped data from our catalog, then visualize and animate it to share with others

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    Integrate analytics into your workflows

    Build geospatial applications by controlling, embedding, and customizing maps on web pages or Jupyter notebooks

  • Studio Map Community

    Easily process and analyze large scale data

    Thanks to our proprietary tiling system, Hex Tiles, users can easily process and unify massive amounts of geospatial data for advanced analysis and fluid visualization.

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    Connect with Studio’s community

    Join our open-source environment where multiple organizations and individuals can collaboratively contribute

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Foursquare Studio in action

Supply chain management

Visualize supplier locations, distribution centers, and vehicle routes

Competitive insights

Compare visits to your locations versus the competition

Gain clear, visible representation of visit volume

Market analysis

Improve market knowledge

Assess potential risks and benefits for real estate investments

Site selection

Identify optimal locations for new outlets through suitability and similarity analysis

How Kontour Uses Foursquare Studio to Reveal the Real Impact of Climate Change

Kontur wanted to shed light on the impact of climate change by sharing the global data they’ve collected on wildfires over the span of 20 years. Kontur used Foursquare Map SDK and Hex Tile solution to visualize a massive spatial dataset within the Global Fires map.

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