Foursquare Studio: Everything you love about + more

Built on top of, Studio offers all the visualization and analytics capabilities of with added features and functionality.


Do everything you can do in, plus…

Automatically detect and
load geo boundaries 

Publish and share secure live
maps via link

Add charts and analysis modules 

Studio vs.

While is a powerful visualization application, Studio takes the platform one step further with an emphasis on analysis and a wider range of capabilities including more layers, filters, and analytics modules. 



Studio users can:

Data Import
Use a range of file formats, with the most commonly used file formats supported (CSV, GeoJSON, Shapefiles, Vector Tiles and more).
Publish Publish maps using Studio’s cloud storage with link access, update maps and republish to the same url, control visibility settings, and publish password protected maps.
Share & Collaborate
(Share via Dropbox & CARTO)
Easily share or embed secure live maps with a link. Users can grant edit/view permission during the sharing process for seamless collaboration with other Studio users.
Database ConnectorsAccess connectors to popular data warehouses (BigQuery, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, PrestoDB, Athena, etc).
Administrative BoundariesGenerate polygons and centroid from columns containing administrative boundaries (ie: county, state, zip code).
ChartsAdd statistics and charts to maps for deeper analysis.
Data OperationsPerform common data operations including spatial operations (ie: expression, extract, group by, spatial join, and union).
Spatial AnalysisStudio users can access a growing list of spatial analysis modules: cluster outlier, and suitability analysis.
Video ExportExport videos at a resolution of 1440p. (GIF, WebM).
Advanced AnimationAnimate across the dataset, with custom models, configurable trails, and other advanced features.

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Built by the team behind, Foursquare Studio is one of the most powerful geospatial analytics and visualization tools available today.

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