Access high quality consumer behavior and location-based data with Foursquare Visits

Need to know how your customers move through the world?

Each data point represents an anonymized consumer visit, coupled with metadata to deliver critical consumer demographic information.

  • Utilize the location data that will best meet your goals 
  • Access uncompromised quality data
  • Know your investment in our data will be safe and future-proof
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Foursquare Visits allows you to:

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    Build custom audiences 

    Target audiences that are most relevant – whether they’ve been to a competitor’s business or a location of interest

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    Be secure when it comes to privacy

    Feel confident that you’re following privacy protocols with data that adheres to regulatory and privacy requirements

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    Identify patterns over time

    Compare daily, weekly, monthly or yearly changes in foot traffic to spot trends

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Foursquare Visits in action

Data enrichment

See where consumers go before and after visiting your venue
Leverage insights to adjust marketing strategies

Site selection

See what venues exist in areas of interest
Ensure your next location is the best fit for your business

Competitive insights

View category or chain-level data across 15+ markets worldwide
Analyze industry trends or competitive insights

Investment insights

Use movement data to predict economic outlook

Environmental analytics firm – Replica – uses Foursquare to visualize foot traffic and movement data to understand consumer trends in New York City

Replica created a comprehensive dataset complete with each NYC intersection along with attributes such as overall traffic patterns, injury rates, area demographics, and more in order to provide a holistic picture of the city’s infrastructure & incident reports.

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