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We believe in the power of location.

We help leading global companies tap into this intelligence to create better customer experiences and smarter business outcomes.

  • Gain a 2x increase in customer satisfaction, customer retention, and NPS by investing in location intelligence
  • Engage your customers with contextualized digital experiences
  • Access accurate, trusted data to solve your business problems
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Why Foursquare is the location leader:

  • Accuracy


    14B human-verified check-ins, millions of Always on or ground truth signals each month

  • Scale

    The right scale

    500M devices globally, 100M+ places globally, 900 venue categories, 2.4M updates monthly

  • Accessibility


    400+ integrated partners provide easy access to our data in the way you want it

  • Independent


    Agnostic to platforms, you can use our data in walled gardens and for unlimited use cases

Leading brands use Foursquare

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Foursquare’s data can help with

Customer Enhancement

Store locations

Making in-store recommendations based on a customer’s past purchases

Multidimensional picture of the neighborhoods, commute times, etc

Network and Supply Chain Optimization

Site selection

New market expansion

Competitive analysis

Workforce Coverage and Support Force Optimization

Allocate staff (call centers, warehouses advisors)

GeoMarketing and POI Enhancement

Produce commercial or B2B lead generation lists

Geospatially based offers and promotions

Visitation cohorts

Route Planning and Optimization

Optimize fleet’s driving, delivery, and pickup routes

AB InBev relies on Foursquare Places to discover new points of sale

“As AB InBev continues to focus on growth across Central and South American markets, Foursquare has been an invaluable partner. The robust information from FSQ’s Places database not only helps us prioritize logical points of sale like bars and restaurants to target but also pinpoints innovative non-traditional locations such as barbershops that are becoming more and more valuable to our business.”
–AB InBev Global Team

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