Offline Conversions Overview

About Offline Conversions

Foursquare Visits for Offline Conversions combines the best of two legacy products - Foursquare Offline Conversions Data (OLC) and Factual Measurement Data (MD). This new and improved integrated product offers more scale and precision when measuring visits associated with a campaign in partner platforms such as DSPs, campaign management systems, and marketing intelligence platforms. These platforms in turn use that data in their attribution methodology and provide reporting on store visit conversions. Visits are sent daily with a 2-3 day lag.

Our methodology is designed to ensure accuracy, sound decision-making, and actionability. Our goal is to provide you with the context to understand, interpret, and activate your data.

This document describes the file format details of Offline Conversions for any platforms receiving this data whether through an API integration or s3.

For s3 integration partners, Foursquare delivers Offline Conversions on a daily cadence as a CSV compressed file (partitioned by day) containing all store visit data that was processed on that day.

Device IDDevice ID24f4dc96-3a90-4950-858c-60410f436da
TimestampDate and timestamp in UTC, granular to the hour. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.000Z2020-10-20T15:00:00.000Z
Venue IDEither the supplied location ID or the Foursquare ID of this venue (store)556f7a12bd6a75a9903bddb2
DwellDwell time (aka duration) in minutes20
PostcodePostcode or equivalent (zipcode in US)10003
CityCity, town, or equivalentNew York
StateState, province, territory, or equivalentNew York
CountryCountry nameUS

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