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Our data set contains consumer device IDs segmented by behavioral interest and place visitation activity. These audience segments are designed by Foursquare location experts and reflect the most popular targeting segments requested by marketers. We publish revisions to this data set on a bi-monthly cadence.

We create audiences using a combination of mobile device geolocation data, consumer online interest data, our proprietary, global Places dataset and proprietary technologies. We source mobile device geolocation data from a variety of premium partners, including via our own SDKs, and then validate that data using our proprietary Location Validation technology in order to remove those signals that are of insufficient quality.

Then, our proprietary snap-to-place technology determines the specific place that the mobile device user visited by evaluating hundreds of attributes (such as movement detection, business density, popularity of place, hours of operation, time of day, day of week, and frequency of visitation) in order to attach it to a specific point of interest within our proprietary Places dataset. The validated place visit is then added to our device dataset. Finally, mobile devices are classified into related ready-to-use Audiences.

Privacy Information

We apply rigorous practices around data privacy and ethics and we implement data scrubbing technologies to ensure compliance with CCPA, GDPR, COPPA and other industry standards. Our audiences do not contain device IDs for consumers under 17 years of age. For more info on our privacy practices, please visit

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