Jupyter Notebooks

The Studio platform is available in Jupyter Notebooks as a set of Python APIs, providing a range of capabilities to geospatial data scientists:

Studio MapsEmbed and control Studio maps in notebooks.
Cloud Assets and AnalyticsManage geospatial datasets and maps and invoke Studio analytics services such as Shapify from notebooks.
Data Science OptimizedStudio APIs integrate with major Python data science packages and workflows.
Cloud Notebook SupportStudio supports commercial cloud notebooks providers (e.g. DataBricks).

Python Packages


Two Studio Python packages provide full access to the Studio Platform:

Python PackageDescription
unfolded.map_sdkThe Studio Map SDK for Python enables display of interactive Studio maps inside Jupyter notebooks. It also provides Python methods to control embedded maps, e.g. to change map settings, add new data layers etc.
unfolded.data_sdkThe Studio Data SDK for Python enables Python notebooks to access Studio platform cloud services and assets. Notebooks can create, upload, and download datasets and access all other functions in the Data SDK.


To install using pip:

$ pip install unfolded.map-sdk unfolded.data-sdk

Note that for the Studio Map SDK for Python you will also need to install some notebook extensions. Please refer to additional installation instructions in the Studio documentation page corresponding to your notebook environment:

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