Maximize Your Q4 Campaigns & Hit Your KPIs with Foursquare Targeting

  • June 26, 2024

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Capitalize on key advertising opportunities in Q4, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Winter Holidays to effectively reach your target audience as consumers engage in festivities and travel during the winter. 

This guide offers strategies to engage consumers during key Q4 events like: 

  • Halloween: Reach Halloween celebrators excited for the spooky season as they search for costumes, prepare for Halloween parties, and watch horror movies. 
  • Thanksgiving: Target consumers as they prepare to host friends and family and visit big-box retailers, supermarkets, and specialty grocery stores.
  • Black Friday: Capitalize on the shopping frenzy and reach consumers looking for good deals for new electronics, clothes, home decor, and sporting goods.
  • Winter Holidays: Towards the end of the year, reach travelers as they visit their family and friends or those looking to take a vacation and explore a new place. 

Get in touch and easily activate any of the strategies included in this guide to engage consumers during this festive season and maximize your campaign efforts to reach the right audience at the right time. Read our Holiday Season Guide for additional insights and detailed strategies specifically on Black Friday shopping, gift-giving, and holiday travel.