Data Delivery

On what date will I start receiving the new integrated data set? How much warning will I get before I start receiving the new integrated data set?

Foursquare will first provide you with a one-time delivery. We will then work with you to start sending ongoing deliveries of the integrated dataset in Q1 2021.

Will we receive legacy dataset(s) AND the integrated data set? For how long?

Yes - we will deliver both datasets for a limited period of time, ideally for a maximum of six weeks. If you have any concerns about this timeline, please let us know, and we can work together to find a solution that works for both teams.

What resources will I need to allocate to this upgrade?

Engineering resources will be required to update your data ingestion processes. That being said, we plan to preserve file-formatting and minimize changes as much as possible. We recommend utilizing the integrated schema to schedule work, and then using the first delivery of integrated data for implementation.

Will there be Delivery Changes?

Dropbox delivery will be deprecated. If you are receiving Foursquare data via Dropbox, we will work with you to deliver via either Foursquare-owned S3 or SFTP instead.

Will there be any Datatype (Format) Changes?

Refer to the Schema section, where we identify any Datatype changes for each attribute.

How does the integration affect VRS scores? How should I be using VRS?

The combination of freshness and provenance allows us to better filter venues for accuracy and existence, offering additional filters for quality alongside VRS (venue reality score).

How will the integration impact my pricing?

The integration will not impact your pricing immediately -- you will start receiving the new integrated dataset per the pricing in your current contract.

  • When your current contract is up for renewal, pricing will be discussed.

Will I still receive automated emails when my data is delivered?

For legacy Factual Places customers, once you have upgraded to the integrated Places dataset, there will be an interim period in which you no longer receive automated data delivery emails. However, Foursquare does plan to reinstate these emails at some point in 2021.

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