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Use location-based data to understand the context behind a neighborhood or place to enhance business intelligence, enrich your existing database, and ensure access to always-fresh POI data. Our data represents +100 million commercial points-of-interest (POI) worldwide and is rich with real-world information- it’s been updated and validated by millions of consumers.

Places Data

Foursquare utilizes three approaches to obtain Places data - human, software, and third-party verification to ensure POI data is consistent, accurate, and fresh.

Places API

How Does it Work?

First party data, ground truth datasets, web resources, and partners with third parties.

Places API

Places Attributes

Foursquare’s Places includes core attributes as well as a multitude of rich attributes.

Places API


Accurate and granular categorization to each of our POI records.

Places API


Explicit associations between national and local brands and their brick-and-mortar locations.

Places API

Supported Countries

Over 100 million POIs across 247 countries and territories.

Places Data Delivery

Download places content and customize data to your business needs, delivered as a flat-file delivery via JSON/TSV from or programmatically access data via the Places API.

Places API

Place Delivery Options

Determine which type of access - Flat File or API - is best suited for your business needs.

Place Tagging API

Places Flat File

Get access to 100M+ commercial POI, 200+ countries and territories, and 1100+ venue categories.

Place Tagging API

Places API

Bring location context into your applications with the speed and reliability you need to scale.

Listing Syndicator Program

Foursquare's listing syndicator partners are trusted to provide high-quality authoritative data.

Developer Console

Submission Guidelines

Learn how to correctly prepare and deliver files to Foursquare Places for ingestion.

API Explorer

Report Data Quality Issues

Learn how to submit feedback on closed, relocated or duplicated businesses.


Get the answers to our most common questions regarding usage of Foursquare Places and related topics.

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Places FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions regarding the Places product.

Release Notes

Discover the most recent improvements, including the addition of new functionality and other important changes.

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Discover the most recent improvements, including the addition of new functionality and other important changes.

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