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New API Version Available

If you added Foursquare after 11/18/21, you automatically have access to the new version (v3) of the API. Please refer to our Places API documentation to ensure you're viewing the correct information to successfully implement Foursquare technology!

For those who are already using the current (v2) version of the API, you may continue to do so or elect to upgrade now. Please contact Foursquare Developer Support for more information.


Returns profile information for a given user, including selected mayorships. The web profile for a user is visible at <>.

If the user is a friend, contact information, Facebook ID, and Twitter handle and the user's last checkin may also be present.

In addition, the pings field will indicate whether check-ins from this user will trigger a ping (notifications to mobile devices). This setting can be changed via setpings.

Note: This setting is overriden if pings is false in settings (no pings will be sent, even if this user is set to true).

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