API Usage

The Foursquare API offers real-time access to Foursquare’s global database of rich venue data and user content to power your location-based experiences in your app or website.


Authenticating against the API is done by passing your API Key.


Adapt to Foursquare API changes on your own schedule.

Rate Limits

Usage of the Places API is subject to rate limits.


HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request.


Specify the locale by setting the Accept-Language HTTP header in your request.


The process of venue harmonization on Foursquare is fairly simple!

Available Libraries

Libraries for integrating from various programming languages and platforms.


Pricing applies to API calls made to the Places API v2 endpoints only.

Requests for Data Deletion

Facilitate requests for deletion exercised under applicable privacy and data protection law.

Real Time View

Allow your application to get a real-time view into various actions on Foursquare.