User Management


Private Beta Feature

This documentation covers a feature currently in Private Beta. Access is exclusive to approved participants. If you're interested in joining the Private Beta program, apply here.

Please note that while the docs are publicly viewable, functionality is limited to Private Beta participants until public launch.


With the User Management API, you can:

  • Create new Foursquare managed end users for your application
  • Refresh an Foursquare managed end user's oauth token
  • Comply with global data and privacy regulations with simplified deletion and export options for Foursquare managed end user data
  • Check the status of your privacy requests (both deletion and exports)


Foursquare Service Account Required

These endpoints require the use of a Foursquare Service Account that acts on behalf of your application. Please make sure you've created a Service Account and use the associated API Key when making calls to the following endpoints.

For more information, please read Service Account Authentication.


Create Managed User

Create a Foursquare managed user for your application.

Refresh Managed User Token

Refresh a Foursquare managed user's oauth token.

Delete Managed User

Delete a Foursquare managed user from your application.

Request Managed User Data Retrieval

Request the retrieval of a Foursquare managed user's data for export.

Check Privacy Request Status

Check the current status of either a Foursquare managed user's data export or deletion request.