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New API Version Available

If you added Foursquare after 11/18/21, you automatically have access to the new version (v3) of the API. Please refer to our Places API documentation to ensure you're viewing the correct information to successfully implement Foursquare technology!

For those who are already using the current (v2) version of the API, you may continue to do so or elect to upgrade now. Please contact Foursquare Developer Support for more information.

Allows users to add a new photo to a checkin, tip, venue, or page update in general. All fields are optional, but exactly one of the id fields (checkinId, tipId, venueId, or pageId) must be passed in.

In addition, the image file data must be posted. The photo should be uploaded as a jpeg and the Content-Type should be set to "image/jpeg". Images may not exceed 5MB in size.

Attaching a photo to a tip or a venue makes it visible to anybody. By default, attaching a photo to a checkin makes it visible only to the people who can see the checkin (i.e the user's friends, unless the checkin has been sent to Twitter or Facebook); this can be overridden by specifying public=1 in the request. Attaching a photo to a page is visible to anybody and is intended for use only in an update.

Multiple photos can be attached to a checkin, venue, or page, but there can only be one photo per tip.

To avoid double-tweeting, if you are sending a checkin that will be immediately followed by a photo, do not set broadcast=twitter on the checkin, and just set it on the photo.

When adding a photo to a checkin, specify the post parameters to connect the photo back to the corresponding content inside your app.

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