Setup Guide

This page contains setup information for the Map SDK's:

JavaScript Setup


The Map SDK can be used with pure JavaScript code, or integrated with any JavaScript UI framework.


You can download and import the @unfolded/map-sdk npm module if you are using a bundler such as webpack:

# yarn install
yarn add @unfolded/map-sdk@^1
# npm install
npm i @unfolded/map-sdk@^1


In your code, you will need to import the functions you want to use from the module. You can either import all functions into a single object:

import * as UnfoldedMapSDK from "@unfolded/map-sdk";

Additional JavaScript Bindings

Find more JavaScript bindings in the below Map SDK pages. Click the JavaScript code tabs to view the JavaScript bindings.

Python Setup

PyPI version

The Studio Map SDK for Python enables the display of interactive Studio maps inside notebook environments. It also provides Python methods to control embedded maps, change map settings, add new data layers, and much more.


Install via pip:

$ pip install


Using a notebook environment may require additional installation steps.

Visit your notebook environment's documentation page to complete setup:


In your code, import the Studio Map SDK:

from unfolded.map_sdk import create_map

Additional Python Bindings

Find more Python bindings in the below Map SDK pages. Click the Python code tabs to view the Python bindings.

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