Developer Console for SDK

The Developer Console is your gateway into Foursquare's Developer tools, where you can configure the Movement SDK, monitor usage, set up self-service billing, and manage organization settings.

Get Your Account Set Up

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Get Started

Jump into the Foursquare Developer Console to start managing your account.

Manage Your Account

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Create a New Project

Learn how to create a new project to manage a separate application.

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Manage Your Developer Profile

Learn how to update your developer profile information and reset your password.

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Access Your Organization

Learn how to access your organization(s) and its associated projects.

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Manage Org Settings

Learn how to create, view and access related projects within an organization.

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Member Access & Permissions

Learn about available access roles and permissions, as well as how to add and edit memebers.

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Manage Billing

Learn how to view billing summary and transaction history, as well as manage payments.

Configure SDK Features

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Visit Detection

Choose to be notified for all venues or filter for a subset of venues based on categories, chains, and/or a specific venue.

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Create geofences based on five different methods and add custom metadata to each geofence event.

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Power in-store & curbside pickup, delivery tracking, location-based marketing, and more.

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Third Party Integrations

Showcase the power of Foursquare by integrating its event detection with other services.

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Server Webhooks

Call your servers anytime one of your users arrives, departs, or triggers a geofence event.

View SDK Usage

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SDK Event Logs

Visibility into device activity while you are working to confirm the Movement SDK is properly implemented into your app.

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SDK Usage Reporting

View highlights of your total users, visits, geofences and top chains and categories at a glance.

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User Data Deletion

Delete your user's data to help ensure they stay compliant with various privacy laws.