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Manage your map records with several map endpoints.

Create Map

Create a map record from JSON, including the map configuration and list of associated datasets.

Copy Map

Creates a copy of an existing map, duplicating its layers and map state.

Replace Dataset

Replace a dataset on a map, updating the visualization with the data from the new dataset.

Get Map (By ID)

Get a map record by ID.

Update Map

Update a map record, including the latest state and list of associated datasets.

Delete Map

Delete a map record by id. This will not delete datasets associated with the map.

List Maps

Get all map records for the authenticated user.


Manage your dataset records with several data endpoints.

Upload Dataset

Create a dataset from a data upload.

Get Dataset (By ID)

Retrieve a dataset metadata record in JSON format.

Download Dataset

Download data from a dataset record by ID.

Delete Dataset

Delete a dataset record by id. This will also delete any data associated with the dataset.

Lists Datasets

Get all dataset records for the authenticated user.

Hex Tiles

Hex Tiles is an analytic tiling system for geospatial data that combines the ability of tiling systems to handle massive datasets with the power of the H3 hierarchical grid system, enabling a tabular data view with full data integrity at all resolutions.

Create Hex Tiles

Process data into Hex Tiles using the Unfolded Data SDK.


Enrich datasets with Hex Tiles using the Studio Data SDK.


You may specify an area of Hex Tiles (represented by a GeoJSON geometry) to extract. Returns a geopandas H3 dataframe.