Maximize the impact of your holiday campaigns <br>with Foursquare Targeting

Maximize the impact of your holiday campaigns
with Foursquare Targeting

The holiday season is the best advertising opportunity of the year as consumer spending soars. Our 2024 Holiday Season Location Strategy Guide highlights key consumer personas to target and strategies to cut through the noise and maximize campaign ROI.

Why choose Foursquare?

The trusted leader in location technology & data


Quality at scale

Stop-detection snaps people to places with precision. 16B+ check-ins power a self-refreshing map of 120M+ POI in 200+ countries. We see 9B+ monthly visits from 500M+ global devices.


With 550+ integrated partners, from AWS to the Trade Desk, our data is always accessible and delivered via your preferred sources and formats.


With 15+ years perfecting our best-in-class location technology, we committed to scaling with you as your needs evolve.


Deeply committed to driving innovation forward, we work alongside industry leaders to invent the future of location as the ecosystem evolves.

Privacy Forward

Data privacy is our priority. Our consumers have full transparency and control over their data; our partners are audited regularly.

Leading Competitors

Quality at scale

Questionable quality data, lacking breadth and depth.


Restrictive terms, limited partnerships, and fewer delivery formats.


Overly reliant on third parties and lacking hands-on support.


Rooted in legacy systems and antiquated methodologies.

Privacy Forward

Poor privacy practices lead to legal battles and reputational risk.

Privacy First Always

Committed to data privacy

Foursquare’s proprietary technology provides businesses with the most accurate, trusted location data in the world. We believe it’s our responsibility to be a leader in data privacy and the ethical use of consumer data, promoting best practices for the entire industry.

Learn more about our data privacy standards

A unified location intelligence platform

Harness the power of location data

For marketers

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    Measure the incremental impact of ad exposure on store visits.

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    Deliver targeted messaging to consumers using real-time location.

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    Understand real-world behavior to effectively reach customers.

For developers

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    Movement SDK

    Build powerful location-aware app experiences.

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    Places APIs

    Deliver the ultimate UX with global POI data and flexible APIs.

For analysts

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    Unlock access to millions of global POIs with rich contextual attributes.

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    Visualize and analyze geospatial data on a planetary scale.

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